Custom Applications & Integrations

Custom Applications

Custom application development has become a smart way for companies to get specially crafted solutions for their specific business needs. Even within the same industry, individual businesses have different processes and ways they attempt to surpass their competition. You can extend your applications, integrate your existing systems, improve data sharing and visibility, and automate more of your work!


  • Java
  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Python

We primarily use PHP on Apache. PHP is very flexible and has rich components that can be used to build more user-friendly, Graphical-Interface oriented applications. Python is our choice for Google App Engine development as it is capable of managing large amounts of data and background processes. We use Android SDK on Java for Android Applications that use Google Apps.

Customer Testimonials

We just finished converting our company from Microsoft Exchange and Outlook to Google Apps with the help of Viwo and were lucky enough to have Anthony as our consultant. The transition was seamless and I would without hesitation recommend ViWo.

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By Brendan Driscoll