Backupify is your UNDO button for the cloud

Backupify for Google Apps keeps independent backups of all your Google Apps data: Gmail, Docs, Contacts, Calendar and Sites – where it can’t be deleted, stolen, or corrupted. Search, download or restore your Google Apps data any time, for every account on your domain, all through a single service. Why backup Google Apps?

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Automated Daily Backup

Backupify backs up Gmail, Docs/Drive, Chats, Contacts, Calendar and Site. Backup occur automatically every day.

Centralized Management

Admin tools simplify adding users, managing archives and completing restores for your domain.

Cloud Storage

Backupify files are stored in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which are subject to the highest security and reliability standards in the world and boast a 99.9% uptime.

Local Downloads

Bring your cloud-based information back down to earth with local downloads. Download critical items or complete user accounts to a local computer or server.

One-Click Restore

With one-click of the mouse you can instantly, securely and reliably restore data directly to your Google Apps account so you can get back to business.


The world’s most advanced search tool for Google Apps domains. A powerful built-in search bar is included that allows admins to find emails and documents across entire domain.

Having a third company hold on to a copy and protect that data just made us a feel a whole lot better. That was very critical for the adoption [of Google Apps] up and down the chain, not just with the executives but with the average staff person as well.

– Steven Peltzman, CIO, The Museum of Modern Art