Over 3 Million Businesses are on G Suite: Why Not Yours?

February 2, 2017 10:30 am



As of January 2017, there are over 3 million businesses using G Suite, Google’s collection of apps and tools for everyday office software and email needs. This number has increased by one million in just over a year, with Google announcing two million users in November of 2015.


So why the rapid adoption, and why should you think of adopting G Suite in your business? Google had its own reasons for the massive growth in business users, but we have a few as well.


Google touts highly secure platform as a main reason for new users


Every single business, from the mom and pop shop on the corner to enterprise-level organizations, considers security to be of paramount importance with any technology product – particularly email. Google has an airtight reputation for security, employing best practices with its Gmail product and apps that ensure all business communications are secure. If companies want an extra layer of security, they can add 2-step authentication for Google accounts when their employees log in.


Google gives partner ecosystem credit


Another key strength of G Suite is its ability to integrate with nearly every technology product available – from VoIP phones to accounting software. Similar solutions simply don’t do integration with the same agility and flexibility that Google does. While ViWO can help your business integrate G Suite with anything, Google has made partnerships in the past year with solutions like Quickbooks to make the integration process even easier.


Affordability also a key factor


While not mentioned by Google as a specific reason for the surge in new businesses using G Suite, affordability is a key factor. Rates are fixed at a low monthly cost per user, with rates scaling as more services are added to the portfolio. There are no surprise licensing costs, and no need to upgrade to the latest version – you always have it. These fixed costs are helpful for any size of business to project their costs and control their bottom line.


Collaboration is key


There is no similar solution on the market that allows your employees to collaborate in real time on a project the way that Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides do. It can be done on any device, and with today’s fast-moving world, real time collaboration is the future of business.


G Suite and Prodoscore offer transparency into remote work


Prodoscore is a solution which allows for full transparency into what your employees are doing in G Suite. It doesn’t monitor every word typed, but it does tell you how much time employees are spending in G Suite, which apps they are using, and assigns an overall productivity score. This gives management a much-needed tool to help their teams improve.


If you are interested in following in the footsteps of over a million businesses in the past year and trying out G Suite, give us a call or email us today.


George Easton

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