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ViWO offers flexible Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offerings, depending on your size, needs, and budget. One of the biggest advantages of utilizing SugarCRM, Salesforce, Prosperworks or Zoho is how well they integrate with Google's G Suite. Now it’s possible to have a repository of all of your email, phone, messaging and social media interactions in one place when you call up a customer record, and complete transparency and reporting for management.

VIWO: The G Suite/CRM integration specialists

While some integration between Google's G Suite with SugarCRM, Zoho, Salesforce, or Prosperworks is relatively easy to set up, other pieces are a little more difficult to put together. That’s where VIWO comes in. When you purchase your CRM through ViWO, we will work with you as partners on a case-by-case basis to make sure everything is set up properly to work with your business, with all the custom permissions and functions you require.

We are one of the only companies in the business to offer boutique integration of G Suite, CRM, VoIP and more. We’re also with you every step of the way to offer support for all your business needs.

If your organization has yet to embrace the powerful offerings of a CRM, we recommend signing up for the free Zoho CRM Trial below.


VIWO: The G Suite + CRM integration specialists

Using Gmail and your preferred CRM, you can:

Send and Receive


Send and receive email from either Gmail or directly in your CRM

Capture Emails

Capture Emails

Capture all emails between your team and one client in your CRM

Actions and Filters

Actions and Filters

Triggers based on email filters, including notifying other staff

If you need to retrieve a client email quickly, all you need to do is go to their customer record in your CRM. There, you’ll see every single interaction you’ve had with the client, including all emails from every member of your organization—not just yours.

Additionally, you’ll be able to access a client’s record, or create a new record entirely, from within Gmail. This means the second you get a new email lead, you can create a customer record with the click of a button in Gmail.

shared calendar

Shared calendars across your organization

If you want to share calendars in Google's G Suite, you need to add your team calendars manually. SugarCRM, Prosperworks, Salesforce, and Zoho can perform this function for you, as well as installing specialized sharing rules which only allow certain users to view certain calendars. This gives management an excellent top-down view of their team’s calendars, without revealing management calendars to lesser support staff. The same rules can apply to your CRM and Google contacts—access them from within any Google App, directly in your CRM, and share them across all platforms.

How Google's G Suite + CRM can increase efficiency together

Once Google's G Suite and your CRM of choice are properly integrated, you can see all communication, account activity and progress made with a client. This removes the churn of managers having to check up on activities, as they can simply sign into the CRM to view everything to do with a client. They also provide excellent reporting built in, so managers can easily see which tasks remain to be completed, if projects are on deadline, and much more without the need to send an email or pick up the phone.

CRM and G Suite integration doesn’t just help management—other team members can view progress on a project or account so they know if they are close to having to do a task that depends on another team member. You can choose to have an alert pop up if a client’s invoice is overdue, which allows your employees to refer them to accounting before any work continues if you desire to put that sort of rule in place.

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