Custom Application Development

Custom Applications

Custom application development has become a smart way for companies to get specially crafted solutions for their specific business needs. Even within the same industry, individual businesses have different processes and ways they attempt to surpass their competition. You can extend your applications, integrate your existing systems, improve data sharing and visibility, and automate more of your work!

E-Commerce (Include Magento Development and Netsuite Integration and Customization)

Each year, holiday shopping market share on the internet (vs real world) is growing from 60% and above. Because online storefronts are easy for everyone. You save on showroom space, and your customers don't have to travel all the way. We have expertise on Magento and Netsuite in addition to several other conventional ECommerce platforms.

Mobile Apps

A mobile app is to be installed on a device your users carry with them. It is more a tangle thing in an intangible digital world. Users feel more comfortable with a mobile app - unlike a web app or website that is hosted on a server, they can carry it in their device. Most of the functionality of an installed app will be available even when not connected to the Internet. Also, a mobile app is faster in interaction than a web based app. We can integrate Push Notifications to deliver information to a users device to trigger an app. Global Positioning can deliver information relevant to geographic proximity - or track a users location. There are so many other sensors such as Compass, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Microphone and Camera to capture all aspects of users situation to give a wider spectrum of interactions.

Web App Development

We can tailor make custom web based applications for your specific requirements - from the scratch or starting from a similar open source package.

For an example, we have built a nomination, voting and selection (ballot) application for a screen and theater association, Google drive migration app, Software license re-seller and management application, Fleet management application, etc..

Custom Website Development

There are CMS, Blogs, ECommerce sites. But you may have specific requirements that are not covered in any off-the-shelf or open source solution out there. We have expertise to custom make the website you want - outside those boxes.

API Integration

API is a back-end door for data/commands in/out of a software system. By an API integration, it is possible to connect two completely separate software systems to work together for one goal. For an example, your website may have a contact-us form, and you maintain a separate CRM application. By integrating your CRM API, we can directly file the customer contact on website to your CRM. The possibilities are unlimited with APIs.

Chrome Extensions & App Development

Chrome extensions and apps run inside the Chrome web browser or Chrome-book. They have access to everything a user sees on his browser. We can integrate almost anything that comes on the browser into a Chrome extension. For an example, we can integrate GMail, Google Calendar, Keyboard input, a CRM application or modify the interface of any website on Chrome. With a Chrome extension we can enhance the functionalists of a website, integrate between websites or give total new features in to the web browser. Some of our clients have got Chrome extensions made to promote their paid services by giving only some features on a free Chrome application.

Application Development Technology

We primarily use PHP on Apache. PHP is very flexible and has rich components that can be used to build more user-friendly, Graphical-Interface oriented applications. Python is our choice for Google App Engine development as it is capable of managing large amounts of data and background processes. We use Android SDK on Java for Android Applications that use Google's G Suite.

OAuth 2.0 user authentication

This is used to identify a user via Google as an authentication provider. Users do not have to register all over again to every website anymore. They can just log-in to our website by allowing Google to share their basic details. We can then identify the user by their email address and language.

Google Provisioning/Admin API

This is an API available for enterprise G Suite domains. We can build user management apps and add more features/automation to G Suite domains using this API.

Google Documents/Drive API

Google Drive (earlier known as Docs) is where users store their documents, spreadsheets, pictures and presentations. Using this API, we can access that information, download files from their Google Drive or upload files into their Google Drive and share documents in their Google Drive.

Google Calendar API

With Google Calendar API we have made applications that create events, reminders and send event invitations to other people behalf of a user. We can also query a users calendar for the day to determine a free time for scheduling a new event. By allowing users to share their calendar, it is possible to calculate a common free time-slot for a group of people.

Google Contacts API

This API allows us access a users contacts. This is useful in interacting with people connected to a specific user. From sending a Calendar event/invitation to share a document on Drive; first we need to know their contacts to list them.

Google Analytics API

When building a website, it is important to know what pages are most viewed by users, and what pages needs improvement. With Google Analytics API, we have built positive feedback widgets, such as displaying related links, most popular/trending pages/articles/posts on the web-site. Also for advanced statistical analysis features in addition to what Google Analytics provides.

Google Cloud Messaging

Ever seen those notifications suddenly appear on your Android powered mobile. Those are delivered to your mobile via a Cloud Messaging (push notifications) server. Google provides that service for free. Usually a user would get information as they send a request. That is basic HTTP. Push notifications is where the server initiates information flow, pushing a piece of information to an Android device. It could be a scheduled event or an activity from another user triggering an event related to the receiving user.

Our adoption has increased by 300% and the migration executed by ViWO was flawless

- Karl Anderson, President, TECO Pneumatic