Complete cloud-based VoIP phone solutions from Vonage Business


Vonage Business offers a fully-featured business phone system with the ability to integrate with most of your software, including Google Apps for Work, Salesforce, Zoho, and more. Instead of “unified communications” - a business buzz term - Vonage Business enables your business with a completely unified business process on top of the basic phone system with superior call quality that you expect.

Make a call from Gmail. See call records with a particular client in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite. Make calls with Vonage Business from your mobile phone, and hand off the call to your office handset. These are just some of the things you can do to make your business processes more efficient and in alignment with your core needs - making your business a better place to work and deal with.


Vonage Business and Your Software – Better Together

With Vonage Business, you can easily integrate voice communications without software installation or a high learning curve. Get the following benefits for your business:

Integrate with Gmail


Complete integration with Google Apps for Work, Zoho, Salesforce, and more

Click to Call

Click to Call

Click to call from anywhere in Google Apps, your browser, or your smartphone


Log and Report

Call logging and detailed reporting for management

Labels and Notes

Labels and Notes

Ability to label and make notes on calls within Gmail


Google Contacts

Quick and simple Google Contacts integration



Pop-up call notifications for incoming and missed calls on your computer and smartphone

gUnify Call Interface

Click to call from Google Apps and more

Don’t leave your screen to make a call – call from your browser or from any Google App, including Gmail, just by clicking a phone number or popping up the Vonage Business call interface.

Left: Vonage Call Interface


Fully Featured Business Phone System

In addition to all of the extra features, Vonage Business is a complete business phone system with voice mail, call display, call waiting and all of the items you expect it to have - with superior call quality matching or exceeding that of a traditional phone system.

Call Logging in Google Apps and more

Log all of your calls using Gmail, Zoho, and other project management/CRM solutions like Salesforce and ZenDesk.

Automatic presence adjustment

Vonage Business automatically adjusts your Google Chat presence information to busy when you’re on a call, removing the need to manually adjust it.

Simplified conference calling

Create your invites in Google Calendar and get a personalized toll-free number for all of your conference calls, with the option to create multiple conference rooms for different departments and employees.

Interactive call notifications

A pop-up message on your screen is much more effective than call display when you are on a call. See who the call is from and have the option to either answer it or send it to voicemail. You can also follow up on missed calls even if they did not leave a voicemail with missed call pop-up messages.

Sync contacts automatically

Log all of your calls using Gmail, Zoho, and other project management/CRM solutions like Salesforce and ZenDesk.

Label calls from within Gmail

Assign calls to a contact and take notes on the call which can be retreived later by clicking on your contact’s name, or importing into a CRM tool like Zoho CRM. Add contacts from Vonage Business to your Google Contacts with the click of a button.

Detailed reporting for managers

Get complete reporting on calls from the Vonage Business dashboard, or from tools like Zoho or Salesforce if you use them.

Integration with other solutions

Vonage Business integrates with Zoho, Clio, Salesforce and other commonly used business software solutions.

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