What our clients can expect from ViWO in 2016

December 31, 2015 10:30 am

ViWO Year in Review

In 2015, our business focused on adding to our core service of Google Apps for Work with complementary services which could meet other business needs for our clients. Thanks to this strategy and the continued support of our clients, we can honestly call 2015 a great success, and extend a huge thanks to our customers for making 2015 one of our most productive years.

To continue growing our business and offering the best service to our clients, we plan to offer the following in 2016.

Launch of client portals

ViWO clients will be able to see, download, and forward estimates, invoices, and much more, making it easier to manage your account.

More events

ViWO’s Reimagining Healthcare event at Google’s office in Irvine, CA in November 2015 was an unqualified success. Both at that event and afterwards, it was clear that there was a call for in-person events as well as webinars. ViWO will be offering both in 2016.

More training

2015 saw the addition of a certified Google Educator to our business. A Google Educator is certified by Google to run organizational level training for Google Apps for Work, and our clients can expect to be able to take advantage of these services in 2016.

We will also be offering more training for our new core products added in 2015, including the full suite of Zoho products and Vonage Business.

Adding more solutions for different market segments

Since the beginning of our business, ViWO has focused on education, government and healthcare, with the occasional handling of business from other verticals. We intend to grow the business to offer specialized services for other market segments, including legal and more.

Holiday season and support

We’d like to thank our new and returning clients for making 2015 such an unqualified success, and wish to extend our sincerest wishes for a happy holiday season to everyone. We look forward to bringing your business new innovations in 2016 and continuing to be your cloud software solutions provider of choice.

Even though the holiday break is on, we recognize the need to provide excellent support to our clients when they need it. If you need support until January 4th, when we resume normal business hours, submit a ticket at https://www.viwoinc.com/support/.

If you would prefer to reach out directly to Zoho or Google for support, you can do so here:


Happy holidays from all of us at ViWO!